Relocation Services

Relocating To Melbourne Beach, Florida?

One Step Ahead Realty’s real estate relocation services include a full suite of relocation management services that can be used individually or in any combination to serve the domestic and international needs of a corporate client.  We will gladly customize our services to meet the unique requirements of any Corporate Relocation Benefits Program.

Real Estate Relocation Consultation

For the employee, upon notification of a move, we will promptly make contact and provide, in a personalized manner, all eligible services and programs provided by your company’s policy.  Additionally, for the company, we can provide on-going policy consulting to ensure that the policy continues to meet your relocation objectives and remains cost effective.  

  • Make Best Use of Your Valuable Time:  We will ensure the experienced real estate agent has all of the relevant information required prior to the actual meeting to maximize the effectiveness of the time spent together
  • Coordinate Activities:  We will act as a liaison between the client and the assigned real estate team member to ensure the highest level of communication is maintained.  Selling your current home:
  •  Sell your Out-of-area Home: We will have a referral for a real estate agent to sell your home, even if you have already left the area.
  • Finding a moving company: Relocation companies refer a lot of clients to movers, so we can often get you a better deal than you would find on your own.
  • Packing your things: Have any items that require special care in moving? Need someone to pack and ship your things to you? Our relocation specialists can find you the right help.
  • Visas and immigration compliance: If your move is international,  our relocation specialists can help you make sure you are legal for entry and to work in your new home country.
  • Finding a new home: Our experienced real estate specialists will put use our expertise to help you zone in on the perfect property.
  • Navigating closing on a house: Even if you’ve bought a home before, the closing process can be radically different in different parts of the country. Some states use a lawyer to close while others don’t. Earnest money amounts can vary from a few hundred dollars to 10% of the purchase price. Our relocation specialists are here to field questions about the process.
  • Finding the right school or child care provider: Generally, finding the right school district goes hand-in-hand with finding you a new home, but if you have a child with specific or special needs, we’ll find a local partner that can help place children in schools.
  • Shipping pets, especially internationally: Getting pets across borders can be complicated. Your specialist can find someone who will make sure Fido and Kitty are well taken care of on their journey.
  • Shipping automobiles: We can help coordinate the process whether it’s cross-country or across the world
  • Finding local service providers: Whenever you move, you have to find new doctors, dentists, tax professionals, legal professionals, babysitters, and just about everything else. A relocation specialist will have vetted referrals for all these people and be able to connect you.