Indigo Cove, Melbourne Beach – For Sale

Indigo Cove Melbourne Beach

A prestigious exclusive community located in the upper south beaches is just what the hardworking executive needs for a relaxing getaway. Located only 3.6 miles south of Ocean Avenue, entry to Indigo Cove can be accessed through Highway A1A.

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Picture coming home to a lavish ocean to riverfront home with immaculately kept lawns and beautiful foliage surrounding your property. Your kids are playing in the front yard and your dog eagerly awaits the ball to be thrown for a game of fetch. Loved ones are anticipating your arrival for a family outing on the fishing pier or maybe a walk on the beach. Yes! Indigo Cove can offer you all these benefits and much more.

This intentionally exclusive 12-home community is where you can find inner peace. Single family homes line cul-de-sac streets and are well-maintained by an active Home Owners Association at an affordable yearly cost. There are deeded restrictions on home styles which keep the community aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Your property also comes with private beach access.

Indigo Cove is a hub of activity with beautiful parks for an enjoyable picnic or maybe some biking. Beaches are well kept with pristine waters that invite you to take a dive. Shopping, dining and banking are all within the vicinity of Indigo Cove.

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You work hard every day so why not treat yourself to an investment where relaxation is priority? That is ideal for hard working executives and their family. At Indigo Cove, you and your family will get the best treatment you deserve. Come see for yourself!

Indigo Cove Melbourne Beach - Sample Home
Indigo Cove Melbourne Beach – Sample Home
Indigo Cove Melbourne Beach - Pier
Indigo Cove Melbourne Beach – Pier